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The computer has become one of, if not the most important tools of the modern world. It has been responsible for making life a lot easier for us. It has also been responsible for placing the whole world at our fingertips. Considering its importance to us, no education system can afford not to include computer studies in its curriculum. The Chrisdale E-Learning Lab is equipped with five brand new computers which are there not just for show.

The Chrisdale Computer Skills Programme aims to introduce our Chrisdale Kids to the computer right from the start. They will learn the names of the various parts of the computer and how they work. They will have hands-on experience logging in and logging off, playing educational games, working with the word processor, logging on to the Internet, googling for information and doing a myriad things that people do with the computer. By the time our Chrisdale Kids have completed the Chrisdale Computer Skills Programme, they will be ready for any Government or private school of their parents' choice.

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