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The Chrisdale Maths Programme

Children learn through hands-on experiences so it is important that they are given a wide range of practical experiences before they proceed to explore the world of Mathematics. The Chrisdale Maths Programme will introduce our Chrisdale Kids to fun activities like matching, identifying similarities and differences, sorting things in sets, etc. before taking them to numbers.

Topics which will be covered in the Chrisdale Maths Programme are:-

*  2D Shapes  *  3D Shapes  *  Colours  *  Positions  *  Measurements  *  Numbers 1-100  *  
*  Addition  *  Subtraction  *  Multiplication  *  Division  *  Fraction  *  Time  *  Money  *
*  Graphs  *

We intend to provide our Chrisdale Kids with hands-on exposure to Time and Money which we consider to be two very important subjects they should master before they move on to primary school. They will learn about time management, the value of money and how to buy and sell.

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