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The Chrisdale English Programme

By the time an average child of any English-speaking Malaysian family reaches the age of 3 and 4, he will have learned and picked up the names of various parts of his own body and a fair number of things around him. The Chrisdale English Programme will introduce our Chrisdale Kids of 3 and 4 to the printed form of these words. They will also be introduced to English usage or proper spoken English involving different parts of speech.

The Chrisdale English Programme will include:-

*  English Language Usage  *  Vocabulary  *  Phonics  *  Reading and Comprehension  *
Spelling  *  Writing  *  Public Speaking  *  Poetry  *

Chrisdale Kids will be drilled in the proper use of:-

*  Pronouns  *  a, an, the  *  am, is, are  *  Tenses  *  Nouns  *  Prepositions  *
*  Conjunctions  *  Adjectives  *  Adverbs  * 
Positive & Negative Sentences  *
*  Question Words  *  
Statements & Questions  *  Short Answers & Replies  *

By the time the average child completes the Chrisdale Pre-School Programme, he will be able to read, write and speak proper English.

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