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The Chrisdale Holiday Camps

The end of year vacation is Holiday Camp time for our Chrisdale Kids and their siblings and even cousins from the primary schools. Unlike other kindergartens, we do not confine our holiday camps to academic themes like BM Language Camps, English Language Camps, etc. Instead, we try to make our holiday camps as enjoyable and educational as possible.

Among other things, our first two holiday camps included the following themes:

* Cooking Up a Storm
* Happy Trails

We are probably the first kindergarten in the country to take our 4, 5 and 6 year olds and their older siblings horse-riding. And our Chrisdale Kids rode horses at Bukit Tinggi - not the malnourished bags of bones that are on the verge of being sent to the glue factory that we see at some theme parks.

At Chrisdale, we try to make sure that our Chrisdale Kids experience as many new and exciting things as possible.

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