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The Chrisdale Bacaan Progresif Programme

At Chrisdale, children will be introduced to the Chrisdale Bacaan Progresif Programme as early as during the Introductory Level.

Chrisdale Kids will be introduced to the 36 books in the Chrisdale Bacaan Progresif Programme that are written and printed in full colour for use exclusively at Chrisdale Kindergartens.

The 36 Chrisdale Bacaan Progresif books will use words, sentence patterns and situations that are being introduced in school, in their Bahasa Malaysia and other lessons before or at the time the children begin reading. By doing so, the Chrisdale Bacaan Progresif Programme will help to strengthen our Chrisdale Kids’ command of Bahasa Malaysia.

Bacaan lessons are conducted one to one where any child can ask any teacher who is available before, during and after school to help him/her to read. This will enable each child to progress at his/her own pace.

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