In our considered opinion, the main objective of a quality kindergarten should be more than to impress parents by teaching their children a few bombastic words and sentences or to place them a step or two ahead of their peers. Rather, it should be-

To prepare them to excel in their quest for knowledge and academic excellence.
To prepare them to live in peace and harmony with their families, relatives, friends and fellow Malaysians in particular and other human beings in general.
To prepare them to treat their families, relatives, friends, fellow Malaysians, other human beings and all living things with honour, respect and compassion.
To equip them with the necessary skills to enter the next stage, i.e. the post-preschool stage of their lives.
To instill in them the desire to acquire the know-how, skills and expertise to succeed in their future endeavours.

We do not claim to be able to achieve every one of these lofty goals in the short space of time that your children will be with us. But parents can be assured that we intend to instill in your children the beginnings of the determination and desire to do so.
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