Family Field Trip To Pahang Elephant Sanctuary Park

In response to the request of a number of parents, Chrisdale Taman Megah, Kepong has decided to organize a number of special trips for our Chrisdale Kids and their families. The first Chrisdale family field trip was a visit to the Pahang Elephant Sanctuary Park.

At the Pahang Elephant Sanctuary, our students and their families were able to feed the elephants and even take turns to ride them. After leaving the Elephant Sanctuary, they were taken to a nearby orang asli settlement where they were given a chance to see a blowpipe demonstration and try to use it. They also had a chance to visit a deer farm and a Peanut Processing and Taufu Making Factories.

From the feedback received, our Chrisdale Kids and their families had a good time and they are looking forward to another Chrisdale Family Trip.

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