purple adj noble or royal
blue-blooded adj royal or aristocratic

All Chrisdale Kindergartens are purple on the outside and blue on the inside. Our colours reflect the quality of the Chrisdale Pre-School Programme and the nobility of the Chrisdale Mission.

Every effort has been made to ensure that Chrisdale Kindergarten provides a pleasant, clean, safe and fun environment for our Chrisdale Kids to embark on their journey to education excellence.

Chrisdale Kindergartens are operated under license from Chrisdale Education Technology Sdn. Bhd.
At Chrisdale, we take extra care to ensure that our students arrive safely at school and they are handed back safely to their parents/guardians after school. During drop-off and dismissal times, all Chrisdale parents, guardians and transporters are requested to stop in front of the school gates but not to alight from their cars, vans or buses. Chrisdale teachers and staff are on hand to help our Chrisdale Kids to alight from and get into their transport.

At dismissal time, our Chrisdale Kids will only be released into the custody of the parent or guardian who shall have been appointed by the parents themselves at the time the Chrisdale Kids are enrolled at Chrisdale. The parents/guardians concerned may be required to produce the Parents’ ID issued by Chrisdale. While our schools are in session, only parents or those who have been duly authorised by them in writing to do so, are allowed, on obtaining permission from the Principals or the Senior Assistants concerned to enter the school compounds, to see our Chrisdale Kids or to take them home before dismissal time.
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